the roof, the roof, the roof is.. created.

Our monster-workers took a little break for the holidays, but are back at it – working hard to create the best monster haven in town.

We have a new roof to sit atop our expanded walls. Unfortunately the Hack Factory is too short for our whole shanty to go together inside. So for now, it is in pieces. But I’m sure it will all work. I’m sure… It’s even got a fancy skylight!


And since we’re adding another 4 feet of height, we’ll have 2 inside balconies to sit on. These will be good cozy places for monsters who like high places and aren’t afraid of a ladder. This is one of the balconies sitting on top of our newly yellow inside walls. there will be more wall and roof above it, once we are outside..


Shantying Up A Storm

There has been a lot of shanty going on!  We ran into a few problems, but we still had a lot of success.

We built our 2 inside balconies. Our shanty is moving up in the world.. and you will be able to move up in our shanty!

Shanty drilling

Our shanty is now black on the outside, and yellow inside. More colors to come!

Black shanty

We built some upper walls, a loft, a ladder, some boxen and a toy box bench. Best of all, inky fits inside! Now we know where to put her away when we’re done playing with her.

Toy box full of inky-monster!


And our monster-makers were hard at work in the basement, sewing up the latest in this years monster fashion.

Monster hats

Our New Home

Tiny Shanty at the Hack Factory

It is now time for Tiny Shanty (our previous shanty) to make the transformation into Monsters Under the Bed Shanty. For the build process, we’ve moved into our new home at the Hack Factory. Tiny Shanty was built two years ago in the Soap Factory, an unheated building, in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter. We are so excited to be working in a heated building, with tools and bathrooms and all sorts of amazing comforts! Yay Hack Factory!

Last weekend, we got started, buying supplies, making plans, painting and building balconies. A slower start than we would have liked, but it’s probably for the best to find the problems before we build.

Framing. Not to code. Probably.

Serious about safety.




Check out the brochure for the hottest winter monster getaway!

This was created as part of our Art Shanty Project proposal. Details and acitvites may change once we’re on the ice.

Proposal Accepted!

Monsters Under The Bed Shanty proposal has been accepted for the Art Shanty Projects of 2012!