Monsters Under The Bed Shanty is a part of the Art Shanty Projects of 2012. We will be open Saturdays and Sundays January 14-February 5 + Monday January 16, 10am-5pm.



We are going to build a GIANT BED with monsters underneath it!! Visitors will revisit their childhood fears – but from the monster’s perspective. The “bed” portion will sit above the shanty as the roof. It will have non-skid flooring and a railing around the edges to prevent any slippage. The outside of the Shanty below the bed will be painted dark with eyes and mouths and monster parts. The inside of the shanty will be a Monster Haven where visitors will be invited to dress up as monsters for photo sessions, create giant monster-exquisite-corpse art pieces, write and read monster tales for story-time, and use windows and small doors to becomes Monsters and interact with visitors outside.


With their unique spatial and dietary requirements, under-the-bed Monsters rarely get to visit and socialize with other Monsters…until now. Visitors to Monster Under the Bed Shanty can release their inner monsteryness while exploring the size and scope of being human in a unique visual and interactive space. In addition to providing an outlet for Monsters of all shapes, sizes, and artistic inclination, Monsters Under the Bed Shanty provides continuity within the Art Shanty Project; where Tiny Shanty allowed humans to feel huge in a tiny world Monsters Under the Bed Shanty will allow participants to feel tiny under and on a giant a bed.

About Us:

The Monsters Under the Bed Committee (formerly Tiny Shanty) consists of 7 people with significant experience in event planning and execution, creating art, building outdoor structures, coping with harsh environments and having fun. We have been attending Art Shanty Projects for several years, and are familiar with the environment and community. Two years ago we built Tiny Shanty, a Tiny Giant Victorian Mansion with interactive art projects and tiny themed events. We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique, visually engaging, and socially interactive spaces. We enjoyed building and staffing our shanty two years ago, and we look forward to marshaling our monster-minions to build an even more elaborate shanty this year!


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