Monsters Out On The ShantyTown

Sometimes us monstsers get out from under the bed and get to see Shanty Town!

Distinguished monsters:
inky monster in disguise

starfive in disguise

Monsters like to dance:


rach & annemarie

dance shanty

dance shanty

Rock Candy on her rocket block:

rockcandy on her rocket block!

Monsters ready to race:

it's harder than it should be!

ready to race

Reflections of monsters:

monster reflections

monstery reflections

The sun, it is bright. Monsters on vacation:

the sun, it is bright.

Pink and white:


A manly pink monster (with a manly sore throat voice!):


Spikey monster spreading her wings:


Growling monsters:




scary monster!

Lauren and her mosnter hat of crazy awesomeness:

pink and green

Monsters having a fireside chat (minus the fire) about the state of monster politics today:

monster fireside chat

Silly monsters:

tough monsters

lauren monster

red and pink

Quiet time in Fort Shanty:


Camerahead monsters:

camerahead beth

Monster vs. Robot:

monster and robot


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