The Shanty Itself

monster shanty

monster shanty

tentacle face

monster shanty back


making friends


our entrance

unsupervised children will be eaten

monster door bell

the inside of our door

all the eyes


monster shanty

monster shanty

A Final Wekeend of Monsters

gangsta montstas

cute monstas


green furry monster

three-eyed monster

giant eye monster

scrunchy face monster


diguise window







1 eye

3 eyes

crazy monster

grrr monster


kitty monster

laura and dave


Monsters Out On The ShantyTown

Sometimes us monstsers get out from under the bed and get to see Shanty Town!

Distinguished monsters:
inky monster in disguise

starfive in disguise

Monsters like to dance:


rach & annemarie

dance shanty

dance shanty

Rock Candy on her rocket block:

rockcandy on her rocket block!

Monsters ready to race:

it's harder than it should be!

ready to race

Reflections of monsters:

monster reflections

monstery reflections

The sun, it is bright. Monsters on vacation:

the sun, it is bright.

Pink and white:


A manly pink monster (with a manly sore throat voice!):


Spikey monster spreading her wings:


Growling monsters:




scary monster!

Lauren and her mosnter hat of crazy awesomeness:

pink and green

Monsters having a fireside chat (minus the fire) about the state of monster politics today:

monster fireside chat

Silly monsters:

tough monsters

lauren monster

red and pink

Quiet time in Fort Shanty:


Camerahead monsters:

camerahead beth

Monster vs. Robot:

monster and robot

Monster Band

Some of our monstery friends formed a Monster Band for our shanty! They played a couple shows over the month. here’s a few photos from the one I caught.

monster band

monster band

monster band

monster band

monster band

monster band

monster band

Monster Exquisite Corpse

In case you don’t know about the Exquisite Corpse drawings.. one person draws the head then folds it over so the next person only sees where the lines end. The next person draws the body and the final draws the legs and feet, all without seeing the other parts. You end up with a lot of interesting body parts that you might not think of putting together, which is perfect for a monster!

Here is a small sample of the Monster Equisite Corpse drawings visiting monsters made for us:


exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse

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First weekend on the lake


Us monsters have been quite busy! It was a lovely weekend, with so many monsters visiting us. We were in such a whirlwind of getting our shanty going that we hardly had time to get the things inside going! But we managed to have some supplies to bring out the “inner monster”, a Monster Sketch Artist, some monster drawings, and lots of rawring. Expect more interactive things happening under the bed in weekends to come.


Monster Sketch Artist from the Monster Special Investigations Unit


Our permit from The Department of Everything Else: to eat children in the form of a hot dog – valid until all children are gone


Monster tending the fire

Monster grabby arm!


Little monsters reading


A horrible day to be on a lake! (aka Yay our shanty is on the lake!)

Tuesday it was in the 50s. But we decided to set up on Wednesday. It gave us more time to finish, we had helpers.. everything cooperated, except the weather.

One plus side of setting up a shanty in 20+ mph winds, freezing rain/snow on a cloudy day, is that our shanty wasn’t sinking into watery cracks made from sitting on the ice over several unusually warm days. In the midst of our exciting afternoon, we managed to save two shanties from their watery graves. They were further out than us and had created a warm spot, during the previously warm days. and were sinking in. And another shanty decided to set sail and be blown by the wind into a new location, which we redirected slightly. So, yes, it may have been a horrible day to set up a 1.5 story shanty, but at least it stayed on top of the ice and our shanty is far too heavy to blow anywhere.

Heres’ a few images of the first half of our day. You’ll have to wait to see the rest. It wasn’t quite as gloomy out as these images make it out to be, but it certainly felt that intense.

Photos by Felix Strates: